Life and Space Transitions

Change is certain.

The life process of a butterfly sees the giving up of things no longer needed... the egg, the pupa, extra legs (!)... all things a butterfly doesn't need in it's life as it emerges in its new form.

Just as a butterfly would be hindered from flying if it needed to carry around the pupa, sometimes we hold ourselves back from possibilities and potential by hanging onto things we no longer really need.

Make the most of your "now."

Whether you struggle with letting things go, or struggle to know what to let go of, I offer new ways of thinking about transition, so that you can learn to make positive associations with change, even if it is initially unexpected and scary.

Because everyone's situation and journey are unique, I offer help that fits each individual, supporting them where they are, and what they are comfortable with.

Need help becoming a beautiful butterfly?

Give yourself permission to enjoy every phase of your life.


Your tastes, preferences, and journey are honored in this process.
When we give ourselves permission, we remember what we love and what supports us in our environments and in our lives.

I will listen and support you.
As you seek to fulfill your life desires, you can learn ways to create spaces that affirm these aspirations.